Friendship Day 2020: Quotes, Images, Messages, Greetings You Can Send

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Friendship Day 2020: Quotes, Images, Messages, Greetings You Can Send

Happy Friendship Day 2020 images: Here are some pictures you can send to your friends

Friendship Day 2020: Friends truly make our lives wonderful. Imagine how dull our lives would be without friends particularly in the time of coronavirus when we were forced to remain indoors to stay safe. It was only those phone calls from friends, the zoom or video calls that told us that we are never alone. It is not about meeting our friends often but it’s about knowing that they are there. 

The pandemic really made us understand that there may be many fair weather friends but those who really care are with us in times of crisis and the feeling is reciprocal. Their presence on a rainy day makes us feel secure. 

Why is International Friendship Day important

The world faces many challenges like violence, poverty and human rights abuses. It is only sharing the human spirit through friendship that can overcome most off the challenges that humanity faces today. We can truly aspire to live in a peaceful, secure society where there is harmony among people.

The International Day of Friendship was proclaimed in 2011 by the UN General Assembly with the idea that friendship between peoples, countries, cultures and individuals can build bridges between communities.

“Physical distancing during COVID-19 does not have to mean social or emotional isolation…”: United Nations

You can send some wishes to your friends today. We have compiled some greetings, SMS, messages, wishes, best friend quotes, friendship day images and photos that you can share with your friends. You can also dedicate favourite songs to your friends. 

Friendship Day: Best Friends Quotes, Images, Status, Messages, Greetings You Can Send


Some friendships are like Tom and Jerry.
They tease each other,
Knock down each other,
Irritate each other,
But can’t live without each other.
Happy Friendship Day!


You are the one I can always my pour my heart out to. You are the precious one I cannot afford to lose. Happy Friendship Day!

Here’s wishing you a Happy Friendship Day!

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