High quality of products enhances productivity, expands market: Piyush Goyal

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High-quality goods and services enhance productivity of industry, bring down cost, increase efficiency and expand market, Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal said on Tuesday. He said India should engage with the rest of the world on its own strength and that will come from cost competitiveness, high productivity, and both these are only possible when there is high quality.

The country’s mindset should move to accepting quality as the pre-requisite for the country’s future development and growth.

“Quality never has any cost. It is a win-win story. In fact, quality reduces cost, it enhances productivity, it brings down cost, makes you more efficient, expands your market, gives you economies of scale, gives you consistency in product and service, and eliminates wastage,” he said while addressing the valedictory session of the Udyog Manthan.

The Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade’s (DPIIT) initiative, Udyog Manthan, has concluded on Tuesday. It began on January 4.

Under this initiative, the department has organised as many as 45 sector-specific webinars to promote quality and productivity in the Indian industry.

The webinar series, comprising 45 sessions, has covered various major sectors in manufacturing and services including pharmaceuticals, textiles, toys, tourism, furniture, renewable energy, automobiles and set-top box.

“We will make sure that Brand India gets identified by quality, and we will engage with the rest of the world on the strength of our cost competitiveness and high quality in goods and services,” Goyal added.

DPIIT Joint Secretary Vandana Singh has said the Udyog Manthan is the first-of-its-kind comprehensive brain storming exercise led by industry and facilitated by the government to discuss quality and productivity issues across all major sectors of Indian industry.

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