PM Modi’s Keynote Address At India Ideas Summit: Highlights

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India offers a perfect combination of openness, opportunities and options: PM Modi

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is delivering a keynote address at the India Ideas Summit, hosted by the US-India Business Council. The virtual summit brings together senior officials from the Government of India and the United States who are setting the post-pandemic recovery agenda.

Here are the HIGHLIGHTS from PM Modi’s address:

  • I thank the US-India Business Council for inviting me to address the ‘India Ideas Summit’. I also congratulate the USIBC on its forty fifth anniversary this year. Over the past decades, the USIBC has brought Indian and American business closer
  • Recent experiences have taught us that the global economy has been too focused on efficiency and optimisation. Efficiency is a good thing. But we forgot to focus on something equally important. That is resilience against external shocks
  • India is contributing towards a prosperous and resilient world through the clarion call of an ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ 
  • India offers a perfect combination of openness, opportunities and options
  • In the last six years, we have made many efforts to make our economy more open and reform oriented. Our reforms have ensured increased ‘Competitiveness’, enhanced ‘Transparency’, expanded ‘Digitisation’, greater ‘Innovation’ and more ‘Policy stability’
  • India invites you to invest in infrastructure. Our nation is witnessing the largest infrastructure creation drive in our history. Come, be a partner in building housing for millions, or building roads, highways and ports in our nation
  • India is emerging as a land of opportunities. Let me give you one example of the tech sector. Recently, an interesting report came out in India. It said for the first time ever, there are more rural internet users than even urban internet users
  • Opportunities in technology today include opportunities in the frontier technologies of 5G, Big data analytics, Quantum computing, Block-chain and Internet of things
  • We invite you to invest in healthcare. The healthcare sector in India is growing faster than 22 per cent every year. Our companies are also progressing in production of medical-technology, tele-medicine and diagnostics
  • India has recently made historic reforms in the agriculture sector. There are investment opportunities in: Agricultural inputs and machinery, Agriculture supply chain management, Ready-to-eat items, Fisheries and Organic produce

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