Fuel Price Today: Petrol, diesel price hiked for 20th day in a row. Check revised rates

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Fuel Price Today: Petrol, diesel price hiked for 20th day in a row. Check revised rates

Petrol prices on Friday hiked by 21 paise while diesel prices were raised by 17 paise for the 20th day in a row on Friday. Petrol price was hiked to Rs 80.13 per litre in Delhi, while diesel rates were increased to Rs 80.19 a litre. In Mumbai, the price of petrol stood at Rs 86.91 per litre and diesel at Rs 78.51 per litre on Friday.


The price of petrol was revised to Rs 81.82 per litre in Kolkata, while the price of diesel was lowered to Rs 75.34, data from Indian Oil Corporation showed.


In the last twenty days, petrol price has gone up by Rs 8.87 per litre and diesel by Rs 10.56 a litre.

CITY                  Today Price                     Yesterday’s Price

New Delhi                 ₹ 80.13                                            ₹ 79.92

Kolkata                     ₹ 81.82                                            ₹ 81.61

Mumbai                    ₹ 86.91                                           ₹ 86.70

Chennai                    ₹ 83.37                                            ₹ 83.18


State-run oil marketing companies (OMCs) on Friday hiked the price of petrol and diesel for the 20th consecutive day as they continued to adjust retail rates in line with costs after an 82-day break from rate revision amidst the coronavirus pandemic.


In other states, the prices will also rise but diesel will still continue to be cheaper due to lower taxes levied by other states, though the gap between the prices will shrink further.


According to government data, the gap at its widest at Rs 30.25, or nearly74%, on June 18, 2012, when petrol cost Rs 71.16 a litre and diesel Rs 40.91 in Delhi. In Mumbai, the gap was widest at Rs 31.17 on June 28 the same year when petrol sold at Rs 76.45 a litre and diesel Rs 45.28.


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