How to sell snacks on line in India?

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How to sell snacks on line in India?

How to sell snacks on line in India?

  • Arjun Thakur
  • 28 July 2023
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Understanding the Online Snack Market in India

What's the one thing Indians love just as much as cricket and Bollywood? That would be snacks. Samosas, pakoras, dosas, bhel-puris – the list is endless. But have you ever thought about selling these online? I, Arjun, was in your shoes once. I was just a humble blogger who liked snacks (who doesn't?). But over time, my curiosity bloomed into a full-blown business idea. As I ventured into the online realm of pani puris and more, I stumbled into a snack-infused goldmine, and I wish to share this treasure trove of knowledge and experience with you.

Unearthing the Right Snack for Your Online Business

Choosing the right snack to sell online isn't as simple as picking your favourite. It's like orchestrating your first cricket match; you need to have the right players on the pitch, or in this case, the right snacks on your menu. When I started my venture, I remembered how often I craved some unique snacks that were difficult to find locally. So, I decided to sell these rarities online, and boom! it was like hitting a six off every ball. Now, when you decide to embark on your snack-sailing journey, remember that you're not just selling a product, but an experience. So choose wisely, choose differently.

Embracing the Wonderful Digital World and Platforms

Just like how India is a smorgasbord of snacks, the digital world too is peppered with platforms that can serve your snack business. From individual websites to social media channels to dedicated e-commerce platforms - the choices are vast. As a fun experiment, I put up some of my snacks on a social media site. The response was like that to a Shah Rukh Khan film - overwhelming. It was then that I realized the potential of these platforms. So, explore each one, understand the pros and cons, and choose a platform that aligns best with your entrepreneurial spirit and style.

Fluffing up Your Cloud Kitchen

Online snack business in India pretty much equates to starting a cloud kitchen. A cloud kitchen is like the backstage of a theatre where all the magic happens. When I first set up mine, I started with basic equipment but soon realized the need to scale up. My advice to you would be to invest in good quality equipment right at the start. Think of it as buying a good quality cricket bat; it increases your chances of hitting a boundary (or achieving business success!).

Sealing Deals with Packaging and Delivery

When selling snacks online, the difference between a hit and a box office flop is often in how you package and deliver your products. I remember once I ordered a dosa online, but it arrived all messy and soggy. As a customer, it was quite disappointing. So as an online seller, ensure your snacks reach your customers in their best form. Make use of robust packaging solutions and reliable delivery partners to ensure your snacks not only look good but also taste the same.

Stirring Up Interest with Marketing

Now, that we have the snacks, platform, kitchen, and delivery sorted, it's time to assemble the audience. Just like how a film needs promotion to get folks into the theatre, your online snack business needs marketing. Apart from the usual social media and website promotions, I found influencer marketing extremely beneficial. It was like having a superstar endorse your film; the response was merely phenomenal. So don’t underestimate the power of a good marketing plan and mix!

Cooking Up Sales with Great Customer Service

A good story, spectacular visual effects, and popular actors – these all can draw audiences to a film, but positive experiences and reviews keep pulling them back. Similarly, in an online snack business, excellent customer service will secure you those much-aspired repeat orders. I strive to provide my customers with such service that they would think twice before ordering snacks from elsewhere. Remember, there's no substitute for genuine care and excellent customer service.

Keeping Score with Trends and Analytics

Imagine if you could predict how a cricket match would unfold - wouldn't that be an advantage? Similarly, in an online snack business, understanding trends and studying analytics is like having a crystal ball. When I embraced data, it was like unveiling an oracle - I could make informed decisions, tweak my strategies, improve customer engagement - the benefits were numerous. So, don’t be intimidated by numbers, instead use them to your advantage!

In conclusion, breaking into the online snack market in India isn't any different from crafting a blockbuster. You need a good story (product), a great platform (distribution channel), a well-equipped studio (cloud kitchen), spectacular visual effects (packaging), great marketing (promotions), A-list stars (customer service), and a crystal ball (analytics). So, are you ready to script your online snack business blockbuster?

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