What type of man do Indian women typically look for?

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What type of man do Indian women typically look for?

What type of man do Indian women typically look for?

  • Arjun Thakur
  • 3 August 2023
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Understanding the Indian Culture and Women

Before diving right into the topic, let's first get a grasp on the cultural setting that shapes and influences the preferences and inclinations of Indian women. A great part of my understanding about Indian culture, its family structures and social milieu comes from interacting with my friends who hail from various parts of India. A common theme that appeared from those interactions was the prominence of family values, respect for elders and an inherent sense of duty and responsibility towards one's family and community.

When it comes to the type of man Indian women typically look for, these values play a large role in defining the choices. A man in an Indian woman's life is not only a spouse but also a partner in family responsibilities, a wall of support and a fellow dream-weaver. This is a constant in the changing Indian society, despite the cyber revolution and the giant strides women have taken in the fields of career and financial independence.

Cultural Versatility - The Way to Her Heart

Indian culture is a vibrant and colourful tapestry woven from different languages, regional customs and social practices. From the folk dances of Punjab to the temple rituals of Tamil Nadu, it's a palette of diversity bound by a thread of unity. Having a wide-eyed fascination and open-mindedness towards one's own culture and that of others is an attractive trait for Indian women.

An intriguing aspect that I have noticed is that Indian women appreciate men who can relish a pani-puri with the same gusto they show while dining in a posh restaurant. They are drawn to men who can dance carefree to the beats of the dandiya, but also hum the tunes of English melodies. In essence, being a cultural shape-shifter without losing your core identity finds favour with many Indian women.

Shared Spiritual Values - A Non-Negotiable

India is a land where spirituality runs deep. Diwali, Christmas, Eid, Navaratri, Baisakhi, Pongal- the list of festivals celebrated is as extensive and diverse as the country itself. Spirituality doesn’t necessarily mean being religious, but having a sense of peace, compassion, and understanding towards others.

From my experiences, Indian women's expectations lean towards a man who respects their spiritual beliefs and participates in their spiritual journey. Tolerance, respect, understanding and a willingness to share in spiritual traditions and customs shows a maturity that is sought after. Often, spiritual compatibility is a deal-breaker, or should I say, a deal-maker!

Bread-winner or a Homemaker - Money Matters

Without throwing any curve balls, let’s address the elephant in the room - finances. Money does matter, but only as far as offering a stable and secure lifestyle. While it's true that there exists a certain section of Indian society that gives undue importance to the financial status of a man, the reality for most Indian women lies somewhere else.

My understanding is that Indian women typically look for men who have a sense of financial responsibility, efficacy, and self-sustainability. It's not about chasing a man with a loaded bank account but rather, seeking a partner who understands the value of money and knows the art of balancing expenses with savings.

Emotionally Attuned and Respectful - The Gentle Giant

Without making broad strokes, it's safe to say that Indian women appreciate men who can display an understanding and respect for their feelings and emotions. This, I surmise, is universally desirable in a partner, irrespective of the cultural backdrop one comes from.

From my interactions, it appears that a man who can sense the undercurrents of her mood, give her space when she needs it or be a pillar of strength when she is feeling vulnerable - that's the type of man who wins the heart of an Indian woman. Chivalry isn't dead; neither is empathy nor kindness. Gentlemen, these are the keys to the heart of an Indian woman.

Family Values - The Ties that Bind

When I first moved to Melbourne, it was fascinating to observe the differences in family structures and dynamics here as compared to cultures like that of India. An unmistakable emphasis on individualism marks the Australian way of life, which in many ways is beautiful and encouraging. But Indian women, irrespective of their progressive thinking or career successes, still value the family bond.

A man who respects his parents and siblings, treats them with kindness and tends to his responsibilities towards them is likely to elicit a positive response from an Indian woman. Sharing household chores, caring for the elderly and nurturing children together - these are the unsaid expectations imbued in the Indian woman's search for a life partner.

Open-minded and Progressive - A Step Forward

With the advent of western influences, global exposure and a rise in educational opportunities, Indian women have made significant strides in their personal and professional lives. Hence, they yearn for men who support and encourage them to pursue their ambitions and understand their need for self-fulfilment.

Open-mindedness, understanding, and patience are key attributes that future Indian brides look for in their suitor. They seek a man who is progressive in his outlook, who can break away from gender-based stereotypes, and sees his wife as an equal partner in their journey. The man who comprehends this and respects this is highly sought after by Indian women.

In conclusion, the man Indian women typically look for is a cultural chameleon, spiritually open, financially sensible, emotionally attuned, respectful, family-oriented, and open-minded. And while this may seem like an exacting list, it is a testament to the strength, resilience, and spirit of Indian women who, in spite of the odds, continue to strive for progress and equality. And perhaps, the right men who truly understand and respect them, are worth their weight in gold!

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